List of characters:

Aslan- a great Lion, the true King of Narnia 

White Witch- the evil Queen of Narnia 

Lucy- child, daughter of Eve

Susan- child, oldest daughter of Eve

Peter- child, oldest son of Adam 

Edmund- child, son of Adam 

Unicorn- forest animal 

Centaur- forest animal 

Mr. Beaver- forest animal, married to Mrs. Beaver

Mrs. Beaver- forest animal, married to Mr. Beaver

Tumnus- a faun 

Fenris Ulf- a wolf, head of the Witch’s secret police

Dwarf- servant to the Witch 

Father Christmas- bringer of gifts

Elf- Father Christmas’ helper

White Stag-omen of good fortune

Aslan’s followers- forest animals 

Witch’s army- evil creatures 

Wood nymphs- forest creatures/ stage crew 

Please prepare a 30-45 second monologue that is in the style of the character you are auditioning for or shows a range in acting ability/emotions. We will also be doing cold reads from the play at auditions. 


If you are auditioning for Peter, Edmund, Susan, or Lucy please be prepared to use a British accent.


NOTE: this is the PLAY version of the story by C.S. Lewis NOT the musical 


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