Yule Ball
December 30 7 pm - 11 pm

Dance the night away with our Harry Potter Themed dance
Ages 14- 101 

Wizarding School

Ages 5-18+

Make your way through a variety of games, activities and challenges themed on around your favorite wizard.

All ages may attend but event is geared towards ages 18 and under.

Events include:  Potion Class, Herbology, Seeker Ball, The Chamber Escape Room and more.

Come for the whole time or just for an hour or two.

Register by December 15th and get a special invitation for your young wizard or witch.

Extra Witching Hours

Going out for the evening, you can purchase extra witching hours and pick up late.  From 11-1 pm, Wizarding School will turn a late night viewing party of your favorite wizard. 

Costumes encouraged.