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Upcoming Productions

Peter Pan

Peter Pan.png

Peter Pan

July12th - 21st

The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

July 26th - 28th

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer New.jpeg

The Wedding Singer

August 9th - 18th


Peter Pan is the stage play version of the classic book Peter Pan, written by J. M. Barrie in the early 1900s. Barrie’s well-known tale has been cherished for over a century, spawning countless recreations in the shape of a Broadway musical, both live action and animated movies, and various other media spinoffs from the original story. Peter Pan follows the straightforward narrative of the book it accompanies. In London live the Darlings, Mr. and Mrs., and their three children, Wendy, John, and Michael. Their efforts to maintain status in society occasionally strain the family, but Mrs. Darling is adamant that her children have room to grow into themselves with imagination and independence, so their lives go rather unremarkably well. All this changes with the arrival of Peter Pan, a young boy who escaped to a magical world called Neverland in his childhood and who has never grown with the passage of time.


Percy Jackson is a teenage boy who always seems to get into trouble, no matter how hard he tries to be good. When he is expelled from school for the sixth time, his mother decides that it is time for Percy to know the truth. The Greek gods are real and, what’s more, Percy is a demigod, the son of Poseidon. Along with fellow demigod Annabeth (the daughter of Athena) and best friend and protector Grover (who happens to be a Satyr), Percy must go on an epic quest to retrieve Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt and prevent war amongst the gods. The quest turns into an epic adventure, with the Furies, Medusa, and Ares (the god of war) among those wanting to stop Percy in his tracks. With time running out, Percy soon discovers that nothing is normal when you’re a demigod.

Let’s head back to the 1980s! Rock star wannabe Robbie Heart is New Jersey’s most in-demand wedding singer as “love is what I do”. However, when his own wedding plans go down the pan and he is left standing at the altar, Robbie his heartbreak and grief suddenly make him the worst wedding singer you can find. He ruins every wedding he plays at until he connects with Julia, a pretty young waitress who dreams of her own perfect wedding. There’s just one problem: she’s already engaged to Glen, a rich, shallow Wall Street broker. Despite Robbie and Julia’s growing feelings, a series of miscommunications lead them away from each other. When Julia elopes with Glen to Las Vegas, Robbie decides to play the gig of his life to win her heart and her hand in marriage.



There are several ways to support The Island Theater. Whether it's through a tax deductible contribution or corporate sponsorship or through offering your time and talent as a volunteer, The Island Theater provides many opportunities to show your community spirit and support our productions, classes and fund raising opportunities.


We have several volunteer opportunities ranging from working in our lobby during productions, being part of our production crews or lending your expertise to the theater. 

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The Island Theater offers several camps and workshops for kids age 5-18. We offer mixed age sessions and teen sessions for those from 12-18. We also offer workshops for adults focused on acting, auditioning, improvisation and more.


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